Process Lifecycle For Building Your Successful Online Business

Key to success in Online Business remains in a continuous optimization of the website contents. Each phase of the cycle builds upon the previous phase, creating a complete internet marketing plan for your business that’s targeted and measurable. This means increasing your business’ visibility on the Internet and driving more customers through your web properties to increase sales and ultimately, profitability. This has a proven lifecycle comprising of following processes:1. Research:Internet marketing research is the process of searching the internet for the purpose of gathering information about your niche market segments, so that you can further analyze it to explore new opportunities in the market. It can help in identifying problems, potential challenges and monitor the performance of a company. Research is an ongoing process that has to be done periodically in order to catch the market pulse and act accordingly. Internet marketing research is a powerful aspect to your online business. As the internet continues to evolve, so too should your research efforts.2. Strategy:Strategy is a workable and methodical plan of action for an entrepreneur to achieve success in his online business. It is also considered to be a hypothesis that suggests the direction of an online business to fulfill its vision or goal and at the same time maximize the potential of the success of a business in the future. The objective of online business is that you can enhance performance of your business which can help you establish good business environment in the future. An internet business is one based on carefully thought of moves. Online business strategy defines how the products are introduced, sold and finally delivered exclusively through internet. Internet marketing strategy represents one of the most cost-effective opportunities for growth.3. Planning:To get success in your online business planning, you should plan your online business effectively. Breakdown the activities, say website design, into number of tasks, set the time lines for each task and assign the responsibility of each task to competent designer, programmer etc. Work out the cost for each of these activities and see that the total cost matches your expectation.4. Execution:Once you have prepared an effective plan with proper costing and satisfied with budget, the next task is to execute your plan effectively within the planned budget. Note down actuals and prepare a chart showing budgeted costs, actuals and deviations if any. This will help you to monitor the effectiveness of your online business performance.5. Reporting & Analytics:Next process is to prepare performance reports to analyse the return on Investment. Reporting format greatly depends upon your success measurement criteria. You can use various web analysis tools for online web analytics. What is Web Analytics? Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. Web Analytics is a study of the performance parameters that are directly or indirectly associated with a website. The parameters such as number of visitors, conversions, clicks, impressions, bounce rate, frequency, etc. are part of online web analytics. Web Analytics is also used for measurement of profitability of the online marketing strategy being employed.6. Optimize:What is Website Optimization: Website Optimization is about making small or minor modifications to parts of your website and to improve its rankings in the major search engines for organic or natural search results. Website performance optimization is a process that produces highly competitive websites that outperform on every measure including traffic, speed, conversion rates, sales and return on investment. This might apply to a landing page, micro-site, website, online catalogue, online slide deck, Interactive tool etc. An important part of the web optimisation process includes testing, where we study the relative effectiveness of different variations of a page. Web Optimization consists of a broad set of tools, methods, processes and strategies that have the objective to improve the website conversion rates and has to be pursued on continuous basis.

Paint, Paint, Paint – Oil Painting At Home

Painting InformationOil PaintingYou are never to young or old to start painting if you have the desire. I was gifted with creative and artistic abilities in many forms of Art, not just oil painting or watercolor painting. If you want to paint and have patience while learning the techniques and learn what your painting instruments can do for you, then you will turn out paintings that you will be proud of and want to share with others. Whether it is in the basement, garage, outside on the patio, find a place to set up to paint and let your imagination go. This article is just about the basics of what you will need if you are just starting out to paint. If there is enough interest then there will be other articles about painting, not only with oil paints but also in watercolor paint. I love them both the same. Totally different supplies and techniques.Lets start by getting together what you will need before you start to paint:You will need something to paint on: a cloth Canvas, and they come in a variety of sizes. I would suggest starting with a smaller but comfortable size (16×20) that isn’t too small and isn’t too large. You can also buy them in bulk, already primed, or you can also stretch your own canvas if you want.Next you will need a easel to paint on: Easel’s come in different forms: tabletop, standing, aluminum, wood….if you are truly interested in taking up painting as a hobby I would suggest paying good money for a sturdy one that fits your needs when you paint. Don’t buy a tabletop if you plan on doing larger paintings. Standing easels are a good so that you can stand back and look at the painting, it will also be about the same angle and height as it would when hung on the wall.Paint Brushes: choosing the correct Paint Brush is very important and can make a significant difference in the quality of your finished work. Make sure you buy paint brushes for oil paints. The length of the brush should be longer due to most oil painters stand up when they are painting. If you are going to do a lot of small detail it is best to buy a sable hair brush and it doesn’t show the brush strokes as bad. You will want to also buy Artist Grade paint brushes and not the cheap hog-hair brushes. Your results will show the quality of brush you used. There are many types of brushes; filbert, round, fan, liner, 1″, 2″….etc. You will also want to make sure you take care of your brushes when cleaning and storing them. Use a odorless thinner, you can also buy conditioner for your brushes. Store them flat or at least in a place that will keep the bristles from becoming distorted.Paint (Oils): Oil Paints come in a variety of manufacturer’s. I use Bob Ross paints and supplies. I find his paint is creamy and easy to work with. I suggest getting one of his Beginner or Master kits for starting out. Paint is very expensive and as you learn you will find that you will not use quite as much paint as you did in the beginning. It really takes very little. These kits will also give you the basic colors you will need because there a lot of color pigments out there to choose from. Buy the paint according to what you want to paint. You will not want to buy floral paint if you are going to paint landscape.Odorless Thinner for paint: Odorless Thinner if you have painted before you know the smell of turpentine or solvents. This will do the job well and has a low smell.Pallet Knives to paint with: Pallet Knives these are a must especially when you go to apply snow or shading on your mountains or cutting in water lines. There are different sizes and shapes so buy according to what you will be painting.Pallet: there are different types of pallets to hold your paint. There are disposable sheets that you just throw away when your done with the painting or there are plastic and wooded ones. I usually put too much paint on my pallet and I just put some plastic wrap or aluminum foil over the paints and throw in the freezer. The paints will set up and become hard to work with if you leave them out.Liquid Mediums & Gesso for painting: Mediums & Gesso these items will really help you in your painting. The liquid mediums help the paint to go on easier and help in blending. Use the Liquid white to prep your canvas and you will be amazed, use very little, it can also be used to thin down your titanium white paint when you go to put in water or snow on your mountains or mix a little with paint for highlighting, say trees. It helps the paint stick. Liquid clear is great for black or grey canvases, it does the same thing except there is no color. The Gesso’s (water-based) are use to prime the canvas. DO NOT use your good brushes to prime your canvas. I use those cheap sponge brushes and just discard when finished. Then let the canvas completely dry before working with it. This usually comes in white, black and grey.Misc. Items to use when to paint: You willl need plenty of papertowels, a paint brush cleaning can with a screen in the bottom of it, drop cloth if you don’t want to get paint and thinner all over everything, and clothes you don’t care about. To get ideas and learn other’s techniques on oil painting , you can watch programs on TV (usually OPB in Oregon), the internet ( YouTube), purchase painting videos, or take a beginner’s class at the local college or art supply store.Well I hope this helps in pursuit of a enjoyable, fun, and relaxing experience for you as you create works of Art in your new found love of painting with oils. Happy Painting.You can see some of my work on the website below.